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    Finally getting started on my Darkness Falls project, working the forun structure today. basically, the artwork I create and the games I play there is always a story that I make up to go with them. So I decided that it would be fun to put them together in a world, lends more meaning too. So, as I create this world, its history and events I would like as much as possible for it to 'work'. meaning in a believable way. Yes there will be heroes that may change the course of a battle, or the events of history...but no hero takes gun out of pocket and kills evil lord junk.
    So, I thought it would help me alot to ask questions here and get the benefit of your knowledge and experience. And if you guys have some good sources that would be awesome. Check here from time to time and I will start posting what i`m working on as soon as I can.
    Yes there will be magic. I`m thinking less the 'I am all powerfull" and more the limited style so as it doesnt take over. There will be different schools and types of course...
    There will be standard fantasy races...humanoids, elf, dwarf, giants, trolls, orcs of several kind. I want to use enough of the traditional basis to make it comfy for folks yet there will be many differences and twists. This will be an ongoing project that instead of developing in secret I will be developing rather openly on my forum so things may change as they get refined. Plan on including things inspired from west and east and all the myth and legend in between as well as some great fantasy.....its a big world and theres room to play.
    I am sadly not a writer so the words will just rather outline the stories and will be doing as much art for it as I can. At first using purchased content then later as my skills allow will be designing and modelling my own weapons, armor, architecture and eventually characters.
    More explanation as I can and if anyone has any questions please ask. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this and/or provides input.

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    Default Re: Fantasy warfare advice thread

    I'm looking forward to hear and see more on this as it develops.
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    Thank you my friend. My conception of creating fantasy unless you want to really break ground is to base it enough on what exists to make the reader grounded and comfy, draw them in. The world has laws etc and unless you can show a very good reason you must follow them. Heroes die, the good guys lose sometimes etc. I put the structure of a forum up at
    and hope to actually start content tonight after work.

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    Ok here are my thoughts.....the general time period gearwise is probably somewhere near when heavy chainmail started to move into some plate. Chain was mostly the heavy armor while some like the dwarves had plate for the elites and some would have a piece of plate, but not the gothic fully-plated armor. I know there are many types of armor besides chain that would give similar protection so will go into what I can find for variety. Warriors have a makeup depending on culture, terrain etc, several factors go into why they use what they use and fight like they do. Will be looking at history and fantasy warriors and militaries. But it has to make sense.
    Any good references or ideas for things to look at appreciated...


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