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Thread: [RELEASED] Faction Leaders Mod <ATTILA>

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    KLA's Attila - Faction Leaders Mod (Kings & Emperors)

    This is a reskin started faction leaders - kings and emperors.

    In Vanilla version of the game faction leaders look strange. Some of them look like ordinary soldiers (for example, Frankish leader).
    I decided to change them.

    New faction leaders have changed elements - helmets, caps, armors, clothes, shields. I added my own reskins.
    I made a lot of changes based on historical sources. Following are some of the changes.
    You will find lots of forgotten by CA elements such as bronze muscled cuirass and pteruges for Roman Emperors.
    The leader of the Alans is no longer Germanic. He looks like a nobleman from Sarmatian tribe.
    Bahram IV - Sassanid king now has light skin and a hairstyle for Sassanian coins.
    Vandals leader doesn't look like a standard warrior, because he has now a helmet and armor.

    Change is much more. I wrote them in detail in the preview.





    Sassanid Empire:

    - changed color's skin to a lighter;
    - added hairstyle known from coins and art;
    - changed the color of the clothes

    Eastern Roman Empire:

    - added Roman cap, depicted in the art of the late emperors;
    - changed armor from scale (lorica squamata) to muscular bronze cuirass;
    - added pteruges;
    - added historical 'tunica manicata';
    - deleted trousers;
    - added greaves

    Western Roman Empire:

    - changed helmet from poor legionary helmet to historical officer's helmet with jewels;
    - changed armor from 'lorica hamata' (chainmail) to 'lorica squamata' (scale);
    - added pteruges;
    - deleted 'phalara' (from early Roman Empire period);
    - added historical 'tunica manicata';
    - added greaves


    - changed helmet from Germanic spangenhelm to Sarmatian scale type;
    - changed armor from light chainmail to lamellar and heavy chainmail;
    - changed beard from Germanic to eastern style;
    - added greaves


    - changed armor from leather to more majestic lamellar;
    - changed belt;
    - changed color of tunic from grey to white - Attila is a king


    - changed Germanic helmet style;
    - changed cloak from leather to more majestic type;
    - changed tunic pattern;
    - changed belt;
    - deleted greaves


    - changed helmet from Germanic spangenhelm to Romano-Gothic type;
    - changed tunic pattern;
    - changed beard from 'Spartan' type to Germanic;
    - changed trousers


    - added helmet with nasal;
    - added chainmail;
    - changed trousers style;
    - changed shield's color


    - changed helmet from poor leather stype to iron Germanic type;
    - added chainmail;
    - changed tunic pattern to more majestic type;
    - changed belt;
    - changed trousers style


    - changed helmet from animal pelt to elite Germanic spangenhelm;
    - changed scale armor style;
    - changed belt;
    - deleted greaves


    - changed from crown to helmet with jewels;
    - changed tunic pattern to more historical;
    - deleted greaves


    - added iron helmet;
    - changed cloak to more Celtic style;
    - added Celtic tattoos;
    - added Celtic bracelets;
    - deleted tunic
    - deleted chainmail;
    - changed trousers pattern to more historical


    - added headband;
    - deleted chainmail from earlier period;
    - deleted hand protectors;
    - deleted trousers (basad on historical sources with Celtic naked legs in that period)


    - changed trousers style to historical Celtic checkered style;
    - changed color of tunic and shield


    - changed Vendel helmet style to more majestic;
    - added bearskin cloak;
    - added gambison;
    - changed chainmail style;
    - changed belt;
    - added arm protectors;
    - changed trousers pattern


    - added wolf pelt;
    - changed trousers style from Scythian to Germanic


    - added Vandel helmets with chainmail mask;
    - added gambison;
    - changed poor leather armor to chainmail;
    - changed belt;
    - deleted greaves


    - added majestic cloak;
    - changed belt;
    - changed trousers pattern

    Have fun!
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    Default Re: [RELEASED] KLA's Faction Leaders Mod <ATTILA>

    Small beta with changed Roman emperors.


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