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Thread: Massylia and heavy units?

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    Default Massylia and heavy units?

    Will Massylia get heavily armored units?

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    Default Re: Massylia and heavy units?

    I think that armour upgrades are planned for the swordsmen, resulting in what ancient sources considered imitation legionaries...
    Plus other units planned and similar upgrades for noble cavalry...

    The current roster, and what is being worked on at the moment, consists of what could be termed "early units", these having equipments from the late 4th century BCE and towards the mid of the 3rd century BCE...
    Long term goal being fleshing out/finishing that, before moving to upgrades and reform units from later periods...
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    Default Re: Massylia and heavy units?

    In the meantime, make use of the mercenaries who do have some good armoured units, like the Iberians and whatever Greeks you can get your hands on.
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