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Thread: Happy Bartix day!!!

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    Default Happy Bartix day!!!

    Dear readers and fellow frequenters of this forum,

    As, without a doubt, many of you often do, I too visit this forum to keep up to date with the development of this most highly esteemed of mods. Not today, however. No, today I wish to bring under the attention of all of you a certain forgotten word, which was once a common sight in these parts. That word is 'bartix'.

    For it was on this very day (the first of may, the most auspicious of dates) that, exactly ten years ago, a question was asked. And after the initial bewilderment of those who heard of said question, there soon erupted a burst of laughter from those named above and a joyous spirit of revelry and merriment came over these forums. For a while the light of 'bartix' shone brightly, as a lighthouse towering over the digital seas. And even though this light gradually dimmed and became corrupted over time, the spirit of 'bartix' remained and reappeared several times in the months and years that followed. Eventually, though, it failed to show itself once more and, slowly but surely, it was forgotten. Until now...

    The light of bartix may have faded, but it has not yet disappeared entirely. Therefore, I say we return to all the good and fun bartix stood and continues to stand for. Let us all once more ponder the meaning of the original question of bartix and let us all be united in a celebration of the treasures of stupidity and entertainment the internet will from time to time reveal to its explorers! Let us all join a new and revitalised community of Bartixians! Let us make it heard all over the world: THIS!! IS!!! BARTIX!!!!!!!

    P.S. Ah yes, for those unfamiliar, this is the original question of bartix:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    tell what bartix and the faction that replaces armenia got then??

    P.P.S. Here the link to the original thread:

    P.P.P.S. I'm well aware the original 'bartix' thread and its successors sprang up the EB I forum here at the ORG, but since EB II is the sequel to (or remastered version of, if you will) the original EB, I figured I would post this here anyway. I also hope to keep this thread free of some of the more negative stuff that eventually came to surround the bartix phenomenon. Happy bartix day everyone. :)

    P.P.P.P.S. Also please forgive me my burst of insanity. I'm not quite sure what happened up there.
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    Default Re: Happy Bartix day!!!


    (srsly, where's @Andres's Glorious pic when you need it )
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    Default Re: Happy Bartix day!!!

    you all 20 watt light bulbs ^^

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    Default Re: Happy Bartix day!!!

    I will take the fact that I do not understand any of this as a sign that I am getting old...
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    Default Re: Happy Bartix day!!!

    Still remember it hahaha
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    Default Re: Happy Bartix day!!!

    I swear to high heaven my presence in this thread is entirely coincidental.

    Uhhh.... functional zippers, well illuminated rooms and terrible grammar unto all of you?
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    Default Re: Happy Bartix day!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Abokasee View Post
    I swear to high heaven my presence in this thread is entirely coincidental.

    Uhhh.... functional zippers, well illuminated rooms and terrible grammar unto all of you?
    Now if only Ranix would drop by the reunion party would be complete!

    We actually started calling him Ranix after the original thread "ran its course.
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    Default Re: Happy Bartix day!!!

    Happy 12th Anniversary of Bartix Day! Celebrating with Club sandwiches on rye and some TAQUILAL (MEXION BOOZE)


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