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Thread: Fans suggestion thread for future releases

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuintusSertorius View Post
    I've no idea, I'd have to ask our Germanic linguists.
    I think this is a mistake, it should be a circumflex - Swbz, which is how it appears in the introductory text.
    'you owe it to that famous chick general whose name starts with a B'

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    Here's an idea that I've been thinking about. Its to add spouses as retainers to male characters. Right now its s total sausag feast with women in the ruling family being total non-entities. I realize that this is an unfortunate effect of how the game's hardcoded but I feel that maybe that could be done something with in order to bring some more life into that part of the system by making spouses retainers that, should the spouse die in the family tree, the retainer is removed from the male character.

    You probably wonder, what's that adding to the game? I would say immersion and perhaps less sausage feast over all as well as more color to the characters. For example imagine that a Socialite Wife or a Soldier's Daughter could add some stuff.

    Its not prioritized thing but I thought I would mention it and see what you think of it.

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    The office of Princeps Senatus should be added for the Romans. It was bestowed for life to the oldest living censor, then (after 209 BC) to the most influential former censor. It could give influence boost. It was not given after an election though (by the censors when they drew the list of senators).

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