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Thread: Argyraspides and Chalkaspides

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    Default Argyraspides and Chalkaspides

    I've seen the EB twitter post recently, it seems that Argyraspides and Chalkaspides was missing from the game. I don't know whether the team wish to replace it with Agema Phalangitai or the team is planning to release these units in the far future?

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    Default Re: Argyraspides and Chalkaspides

    They are not replaced, they are the Agema Phalangitai: unique skins were made for Apeiros, Makedonia, Ptolemaioi, Arche Seleukeia and Pontos, representing the elite veteran guards of the Phalangitai...

    The "difference" in naming is comparable to having a single unit called special forces and not five units taking five slots, being called Marines, Special Air Service and so forth. Although names like Argyraspides and Chalkaspides, were not as official, but more like nicknames for Agema corps...

    This allows us to make more units in EBII :)
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