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Thread: First? building tree - Bosporan

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    Default First? building tree - Bosporan

    My first building tree for eb 2.01
    faction: Bosporan
    eb build: 2.01

    I will update this building tree with resources, hidden resources, capabilities, ... and move to other factions.
    Plz leave your thoughts, is it easy to understand, useful, witch faction would you like to see next?


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    Default Re: First? building tree - Bosporan

    Oh wow, this is actually quite good! It's quite useful. That said, if you could state the cultures clearly, for example 'Steppe Nomadism > 20%' instead of 'rel.b > 20%', it would be easier to understand. Similarly, labelling the governments with their in-game names as opposed to their internal names would make it clearer for new players. Anyone capable of digging through the descr to find out what 'rel.b' or 'Bospparadyn' wouldn't need a building guide, after all; they can just look it up in export_descr_buildings and understand it just fine.

    Other than that, this is a really helpful guide.
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    Default Re: First? building tree - Bosporan

    This is amazing thank you! If you want to do these for all cultures we would definitely appreciate it as we are going to be trying to put together some official documentation and this would help us along nicely!

    Also he does have a key with what they "religions" are to the far right.
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    Default Re: First? building tree - Bosporan

    Yes, great stuff and please keep it up!
    As we will definitely show it to our fans as it's extremely useful.
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    Default Re: First? building tree - Bosporan

    This is nice to have- thanks for it.

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    Default Re: First? building tree - Bosporan

    I forgot to mention it but in game names will be added after all other information is added, for now players can use the pictures to identify the buildings in game. I use the internal names because it is very difficult for me to track the buildings in the export_descr_buildings file with their in game names.

    Their is a key (bottom right) with the culture, religion and other info (i use the internal names because the in game names are to long for the building tree) I could add icons to make this clearer.

    @ eb2 team: where can i find to which culture a faction belongs? The descr_cultures file doesn't seem to hold the information i need (or i do not understand it )

    I would like to do all cultures and factions but will probably do the Hellenic factions first.
    you can certainly use my file as a base for an official document or if you find the quality of my 'work' good enough give me some pointers
    so that i can try and bring it up to the amazing quality of this mod. The only problem is that i cannot promise when a file will be ready because of my irregular free time and sometimes very long eb2 sessions (only one more turn )

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    Default Re: First? building tree - Bosporan

    The file you are looking for is descr_sm_factions.txt

    Thank you for your great effort to make our complicated building system more understandable.

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    Default Re: First? building tree - Bosporan

    Hi Rien,

    i've sent you a PM a while ago. If you get to be online please respond :)


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