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    Default Mass Effect Andromeda

    No one's talking about this?
    As the name suggests it's set to take place in a galaxy far far away, a long time after the events of the third game, so they very smoothly side stepped the whole ending mess and how the choices might or might not carry over. Now as long as there aren't any cameos or forced callbacks I'll be more than happy to judge the game on it's own merits and not go on about how it sucks compared to my Shepard's story.

    BTW it's been confirmed that the N7 character in the above trailer is not the player character. We still don't know whether it will be a human-centric story or will we be able to play as other races too.

    Link to BW blog

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    Default Re: Mass Effect Andromeda

    They are going to institute great variety and choice in combat maneuvers and tactics, by implementing a fleet combat system of circular ufo style ship enemies, whilst you control a fleet of x-shaped ones.
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    I'm never getting my "star-child ball kicking" game am I?
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    I will never forget my Femshep... Never...
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