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Thread: Warrior Holds incorrectly shown in "castle" assualts ??

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    Post Warrior Holds incorrectly shown in "castle" assualts ??

    In Viking Invasion : a Warrior Hold "castle" should show as an "encampment" without a stockade fence during "castle" assaults. However, the "encampment" shown ( at Warrior Hold "castle" assaults ) includes a stockade fence, thus giving it the appearance of a Stockade "castle" !

    Warrior Holds were the early equivilant of a "castle" Fort / Keep, and in Medieval: Total War it is not possible to fight inside any of them. It is therefore ( IMHO ), presumed that the inclusion of the stockade fence ( as noted above ), represents the Warrior Hold's defence value ; as the stockade fence itself was not ( in reality ), really a defence bonus ( even at the Stockade "castle" level ) !!

    [ After all, the viewed fence is a rather feeble defence measure when compared to the viewed "barrier" errected for the Fortified Village !!! ]

    NB : The garrison levels ( 200 men, 100 cavalry ), for both the Warrior Hold and the Stockade "castles" are also identical, and this appears to ( loosly ) confirm the said presumption...

    NBB : Of course the differentiation between the two "castle" types re "building levels" remains perfectly valid.
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