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    Angry Shoggy

    *opens coffin*

    *creeps out of coffin*


    Krast learns old Shoggy is now maybe coming back and play it again!?!?!?!

    That makes Krast awfully hungry, like, wanting to eat a whole lot of soup.

    So, let's see ......

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    I haven't really time for STW anymore, but it will always bring back good memories. I still listen to the music it came with sometimes, and I sentimentally treasure my first STW disc, even though it got cracked in a freak accident. I'm going to give it a 16th century Japanese funeral. Naw, just kidding. No funeral.
    In those simple times there was a great wonder and mystery in life. Man walked in fear and solemnity, with Heaven very close above his head, and Hell below his very feet. God's visible hand was everywhere, in the rainbow and the comet, in the thunder and the wind. The Devil too raged openly upon the earth; he skulked behind the hedge-rows in the gloaming; he laughed loudly in the night-time; he clawed the dying sinner, pounced on the unbaptized babe, and twisted the limbs of the epileptic. A foul fiend slunk ever by a man's side and whispered villainies in his ear, while above him there hovered an angel of grace . . .

    Arthur Conan Doyle

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    Well, assuming that Shoggy means Shogun Total War and further that Gah! means having fun with the aforementioned game. Yep. I'm up to neck in a Shoggy campaign.
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