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Thread: hi everyone, I have a few questions regarding Rome II

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    Default hi everyone, I have a few questions regarding Rome II

    I'm new to the total war franchise, I'm gonna buy Rome II emperor edition in a few months (my first total war game)

    I found out about the game when looking through an Extra Credits video series and Angry Joe's review and I must say I was not looking forward to the game then and decided to wait till a year has passed to avoid any risks of terrible gameplay

    I have a few (a lot of) questions about the game

    1. did the devs get rid of the bs magics flags that pop out of nowhere in open fields that forces players and the AI to sit on it and end the game in 5mins ?

    2. what difference is there between the regular game and the emperor edition and most importantly does it have all the game breaking shenanigans from release fixed yet ? are their any dlc and other stuff that u get from the emperor edition or is it just a less buggy version of the release version with nothing else to offer ?

    3. are there any good mods that I should get to get the best experience out of this game ? like better AI, troop/unit behaviors, politics, research, skill trees, extra features among other things

    4. what kind of political game features does it have ? please tell me there is something like having several kinds of treaties, policies, laws and other diplomatic and political stuff regarding everything thats associated with them like trade and stuff and that having any or few with one nation affects relations with other nations

    5. how good is the tutorial ?

    6. what timeline is the campaign based on ?

    7. how historically accurate are the parts that are meant to be historical events or locations ? does the campaign run out of sophistical stuff when x number of turns elapse ?

    8.are there any historical mods that have lots of historical events, characters with high accuracy ? events like the founding of the roman empire, the 1st and 2nd Punic wars, Justinian taking over the Byzantine empire and retaking Rome and everything else in between and after ?

    9. is there a mod downloading patches/client thingy for updating and downloading mods I can get ?

    10. how does the campaign map work ?

    11. what is the max unit limit for a map ?

    12. how good is the UI ?

    ty for answers :D

    and right now I'm salivating as I look for more stuff on roman history :D

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    Default Re: hi everyone, I have a few questions regarding Rome II

    anyone here ?

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    Default Re: hi everyone, I have a few questions regarding Rome II

    Try the rome II forum.
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    Default Re: hi everyone, I have a few questions regarding Rome II

    Quote Originally Posted by Ace Access View Post
    anyone here ?
    That's actually a very good question and one I've been wondering about this place for several months now...


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