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Thread: Extract character traits and retinue

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    Default Extract character traits and retinue

    I have built an access database that will sum and display the various effects that traits and retinue have for each character, for example total Dread, Fertility, Tax bonus etc. (there are 100 effects). You can also use it to compare characters to see who is your best governer or princess.

    However, I still have to enter the traits/retinue manually.

    So I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to extract the details from the game files. If it can be dumped into a text file I can probably get it loaded into the database automatically which would be much more effiecient.


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    I would guess these data are stored in the save game file but in my searches I can't find anything about these files. I've had a look but most of it is in hex. Before I start hacking it myself has anyone tried doing this?

    Also, in my travels I've seen someone mention a "trigger log" that might I may be able to use to collect changes to the traits. However, I've not been able to find any more details about it. Does anyone know where it lives?


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    Hello 5rgj,

    I know there was a savegame editor for R:TW, but I can't find anything for M2:TW. You're probably better off asking over at the Total War Center. Their modding fora are more active than ours.
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    Default Re: Extract character traits and retinue

    Thanks for the suggestion I'll give it a try.


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