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Thread: Best strategic faction

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    I want to know what faction has the best stratetic place at the beginnig in the erly, high and late period.

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    it really depends on your style of play although I have only played a few campaigns so I'm not the best person to ask.

    For me though it is the danes, english and egyptians. I basically like having a wall at my back or being on an island that you can cut off. They also have good access to trade which is my preference.

    I do want to try the spaniards as if they could annex from cordoba to aragaon I think they would be quite hard to dislodge - good trade income, access to iron in 4(?) regions, choke points making land invasions tricky.

    Only problem I can see with spanish is bad starting position and portugal is bloody rebellious - I think I have 1000+ troops in there after I captured it playing as danes and loyalty is still only 130% although seems to be improving.

    I'm sue other people have different ideas though.

    p.s have only played early so far


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