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Thread: Hi My name is Tim H.

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    Default Hi My name is Tim H.

    Hi, I'm Tim, and I've been a Total War fan since the first Shogun TW. I'm really impressed so far with what I've seen of EB II. Years ago, I played Rome: Total Realism back in the day and thought is was good (though I chafed at "Total Realism", see below).

    However, the attention to detail in EB II is unparalleled and amazing.

    I also liked the bit in the "Terms of Use" that we had to pledge to read more history. ;)

    I read lots of Roman, Indian, and medieval European history, and appreciate that it is nigh impossible for a game to perfectly reflect the war and empire building in those eras. However, EB II does a thrilling good job of putting "the edge" back into the game.

    Just browsing through the factions gave me an education. I'm most interested in playing as Takshila ("India") and wasn't even aware that Takshila existed as a kingdom within the Mauryan Empire. You've given me a lot of hooks to read up on further, and I am really excited to play more and explore more.

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    Default Re: Hi My name is Tim H.

    Hi Tim, welcome to the Org! Always good to have another old hand around the place.

    I see you've already found the EBII forums. Some of the team might not read the Entrance Hall, so it'd be nice for them if you were to post your comments in the EB forums themselves.

    See you around the forums!
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    Default Re: Hi My name is Tim H.

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    Default Re: Hi My name is Tim H.

    Welcome to the org.
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