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Thread: CA devs suffer terribly

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    Our correspondent in England has sent Us this, an exclusive interview with Richie Skinner the CA online PR director extraordinaire majordomo topdogboss™ concerning the two losses the team suffered at the hands of the Wolves and AMP:

    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]We put up a reasonable fight in the first battle, but were absolutely crushed in the second So congratulations to all those who took part especially the Wolf guys who gave us such a thrashing. To save face and make sure this does not happen again, those members of the development team who took part have been sent to our resident Medieval torturer, who has been busy with the rack and thumb screws. We are now considering starting our own basketball team, as we currently have four team members over 7 feet tall.
    This is taken from the main page of the com.

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    lol nice

    to the wolf team who obviously produced an excellent battle plan, and executed it to it's conclusion.

    kudos to the CA team, nice work guys.

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    hehe.. ill have to go have a look at that now
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