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Thread: Will the new upcoming add-on split community?

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    I never got to play STW orginal online and only played a STW MI/WE for a few months. However When the STW server went down I observed a few nice unfamiliar names in the MI/WE servers. Also observing there conversations with other veterans in the foyer I became aware that MI/WE caused a split in the community.

    I currently like often seeing 80-110 people online in MTW. I also would be saddend if it causes a split and drop in the community with half the people playing MTW and half Play MTW addon on different servers.
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    what you define as a split, others define as an expansion of the community. more options means more people, though not necessarily in the same place, but then there are possibilites of both: more people on the servers, rather than just a limited number to share among games.

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    thats why the addon should be something that is retro fittable to the MTW orignal.

    seige MTW perhaps
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    To be honest soly, I think that MI did split the community. With both games running, a lot of people got caught between and there's a few people who havent been seen since... Mind you I am biased because of my vehement hatred of MI, which sucked IMO.

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    Is there anywhere that explains why ppl hated
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