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Thread: A question about the Celtic Reforms

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    Default A question about the Celtic Reforms

    Hello there.

    I was wondering what is the reason for the Aedui and the Arverni to ditch the axemen (Teceitos) while the Casse gets to keep it?

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    Lightbulb Re: A question about the Celtic Reforms

    It looks like the team isn't going to answer your question, so I will try to do it myself. One caveat, though: for EB2, the EB team remade the entire Celtic unit line-up from scratch; so they probably weren't satisfied with the original team's work.

    With that caveat in mind, I can think of two explanations. The first is suggested by the in-game unit description: axes are far less prevalent in the Gallic archaeological record during EB's time-frame than they were before. In Britain, however, they remained popular, hence the Casse retain the unit. The other explanation is that the reforms represent changes in Gallic warfare. However, Britain was lagging behind in development, so they kept using the older styles.
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