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    I've been doing the Historical campaigns trying to beat them all, but the 2nd Saladin battle, THe Horns of Hattin I think it's called is immpossible for me. I kill the whole enemy army, but his general has a unit of 100 royal knights that defeats my entire army even after I've driven off the rest of his forces. I've done everything I've had him surrounded by all my units before, which was a miracle since they all ususally just run like hell as soon as he charges in.

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    ═ actually played this one today And I defeated the 100 Royal knights with my kings Mamluk Cavalry coming up from behind Just be very careful in the beginning, pounding their forces with your horse archers and then move in for the kill. When everybody else (except the Royal knights) routs move in on the Royal knights and finish them off

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    Apache is spot on. Make sure you've shot off every arrow your horsemen have so the crusaders are nice and tired. The royal knights will be ready to charge anything by this time. Make sure you have your Ghulams ready to hit them in the flank when they do.
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