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    Greeting I would like to extend an invitation to join with us at TWC to host some cross forum HotSeat Campaigns. The Total War HotSeat community is very small so I suggest we start to bring different TW communities together so that all our members can have the best chance to participate and host active HotSeat campaigns. Currently we have a very active and well staffed section of the TWC forums dedicated to hosting HotSeat campaigns and helping to grow the HotSeat community in general. It is my opinion that HotSeat campaigns are the best way to experience Total War and if you are a fan of this series it is really something you should look in to.
    If we can work together we can create a thriving HotSeat community.

    Please go HERE for more info on our HotSeat section

    To contact me on TWC go HERE and we can get you signed up for a HotSeat asap.

    If a leader of this forum could please contact me if a cross forum event between TWC and would be of any interest. We have hosted a similar event with the Steam Group MTWII Gaming group. I am now hoping we can do the same with this great Total War community.

    Thank you all. I hope to see you on the battlefield
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