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    Thumbs up Renowned Explorers

    Picked this one up during the same from a friend, got to say it has some very unique turn based combat, not a large and long game, but definitely intelligently designed and worth a look. Quite charming art design to the whole thing too and all the game mechanics feel like they fit together well.

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    I have played this for over 100 hours. Really fun to go on adventure and look for treasures. I really enjoy the roleplay aspects of the game. Each run is quite short so casual, not too stressful in that way, but quite complex too with an interesting combat system and lot of intricacies if you are looking to score big. Art is beautiful and pretty much everything is polished. There is nothing in game to get frustrated or annoyed at, apart from the occasional unlucky rng wheel spin . Highly recommended for just $14USD now. There is expansion coming soon in the next few months, alpha testing has just started.
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    Sounds great

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    More To Explore expansion releases tomorrow - Content Challenge & Twitch Stream
    Dear Explorers, at the moment of this writing we're less than 24 hours away from releasing the first paid expansion pack for Renowned Explorers: More To Explore. This is a very exciting moment for us monks at the Abbey, as it will determine the future of our labor of love.

    Harry, Earl and Hildegard camping outside the store, waiting for release. We hope Earl makes it.

    We've been actively patching Renowned Explorers after release, and with this new step for the game, we'll continue this effort. We promise to extend this post-release work until the end of August. At a later time we'll decide what happens after that. For now at least we're focusing on Renowned Explorers!

    Content Challenge
    Tomorrow at 10:00am PDT, 19:00 CEST, the expansion pack will be available for sale. At that same moment we will announce a special 48-hour challenge, along the lines of our Weekly Challenges. We'll be making this announcement live in a Twitch stream as well, starting an hour before release. While the contents of this challenge will not be revealed until then, we can already tell you what you can win:

    The more medals you as a community achieve, the more content we'll release in the first post-release patch for the expansion. (Note that this will not influence the content released in the DLC itself in any way).
    Tier 1 (50 Medal Points): You're not the only traveler...
    Tier 2 (100 Medal Points): A dark force terrorizes the Andes...
    Tier 3 (150 Medal Points): Muscat & San Francisco
    This challenge will last no more than 48 hours, starting at release. One player can at maximum achieve 4 medal points.

    We hope you'll join us in this celebration of Renowned Explorers' future, tomorrow! If you don't want to miss it, subscribe to our Twitch channel[] now, and join us tomorrow at 09:00am PDT, 18:00 CEST.

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    Default Re: Renowned Explorers

    Anyone picked it up? Thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by easytarget View Post
    Anyone picked it up? Thoughts?
    I have only played for a few hours so not much experience yet. The new expedition, Andean Adventure, is really fun. A lot of funny stuff happening there, the way your team can teleport back and forth as you explore make the logistics a challenge and I really had to think hard about how to go about it. Encounters with new enemies like llamas, villagers and skeletons are fun too. The campfire mechanic looks a little underwhelming at the moment, but there are 60 cards to unlock so it will get better as you play more games. You can pick your reward/bonus from treasures now so you will never get one that's useless to your team anymore. I like that but some players feel that the treasures lose identity as a result because of the semi-randomized bonus. I like it though, the choices mean you can better pick the ones suited to your strategy and it's not just fixed number of tokens for most of the treasures, it can affects how you play and your future tokens return as well.

    There is a discount to the expansion and bundle now. I have never bought a game right at release at full price but I feel this game is worth it. For under $20USD, it's better than most games higher priced.

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    The 48 hours challenge right after expansion release finished and these are the bonus contents as a result. It's the maximum we can get from the challenge.

    Tier 1 (50 MP): You're not the only traveler on expeditions...
    A few new events will be scattered around the world, with some spotlight time for some Entourage characters! (Will be in the base game partially)
    Tier 2 (100 MP): A dark force terrorizes the Andes...
    A malificent Inca priest has found a relic that holds terrible power! Will the crew be able to get this relic and stop the priest? (More to Explore only)
    Tier 3 (150 MP): Muscat & San Francisco
    The sheriff of San Francisco and the king of Muscat are very impressed with the spirit of the Renowned Explorers. To attract more renown to their own cities, they've planned for opening up new facilities for explorers! San Francisco will open up a modest new Entourage shop, while Muscat will offer exotic trinkets in it's humble bazaar.
    Naturally, Sydney and New Orleans will respond accordingly to this new competition on the market... (Will affect both base and More to Explore)

    There are some bugs with the new expansion but it's playable. Fine tuning and details mainly but gog version can't get new campfire cards at the moment. That's a bit of a downer.

    So I played a bit more, been to the other new expedition, Lost Island, twice. This is a 5-star expedition, the Andean is 3-star, so 13 different expeditions in total in this game (5 per individual campaign for scoring). This is different to every other expeditions, inverted in a way. There are 3 mysteries to solve so it's not the same boss encounter every time, you can choose which one to go after. Lot of new treasures, very rewarding in terms of tokens and it's a lot of fun. I have only solved 2 mysteries, the boss remaining is apparently much harder. The campfire story, it's an additional bonus you get mid-expedition. The game randomly selects 4 cards from all available for you to choose and you can select to keep or discard the unused cards and pick again next expedition. There are 3 unique cards for every character, so 3x20=60, you need to unlock these, 1 for every run you make in adventure mode, win or lose. There is one card that allows you to do a higher level expedition so you can do both of the highest level expeditions, Shangrila and Lost Island. The other ones are different variety of bonus, some relates to perks(professional trait), I haven't got them yet. You start with 5 basic cards which gives you basic tokens: 8 Collect/Campaign/Study, or 5 Encounters or 2 Resolve.

    Some information can be difficult to find, Kallac has started to revamp the wiki.
    There is a treasure guide on steam to help you find them too, but the bonus from them has changed. Some of the new bonus doesn't fit with the image of the treasure, like getting science for a treasure chest. That may get changed later, not sure. At the moment it's just fixing the bugs and balancing I think. Support is promised until August. Depending on the sales numbers, development may end if there are not enough players.
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    Sorry I misinformed quite a bit regarding campfire because I was on gog and couldn't see the cards. Some of them get a little follow up story in a later expedition between two crew members, they are fun. :) I got about 5-6 new cards so far per win so shouldn't take too long to unlock them all. There are some duplicates, everyone seems to get only 1 "real" campfire story with followup story later. They change though depending on your team members so lot to unlock and discover.

    You can find the list to campfire cards here (at the bottom, contains spoilers):

    Treasure guide has been updated for the expansion: (contains spoilers without hiding them)

    With scoring, status has been nerfed and gold is really good now.
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    It's one year anniversary for Renowned Explorers, and there's a special going on steam, 50% off the bundle ($12.50) and 60% off for base game ($8). There's a new patch to go with the anniversary, they have been adding a few more changes and treasures to the latter expeditions so they are a bit different to how they were 2 months ago when the last expansion comes out. Another new expansion has been announced in the stream last night though no details yet. The game is still being fixed and patched every few weeks so minor new contents are regularly added even without the expansion.

    Store page:


    The treasure guide and wiki has been updated too.
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