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    He guys,

    as promised here's my first attempt at modding - the Minor Temples.

    What does this mod do?
    Normally you could only build one temple per settlement in EBII. But in reality, it has been a time when almost all the peoples had a pantheon of gods and thus more than one temple in their settlements. Thus I decided to add a (in fact six) new building line(s) - Minor Temples of Battle/Farming/Fertility/Forge/Fun/Governors - you choose one of them per settlement which is buildable up to tier 3.
    The minor temples start to be buildable when your settlement reaches the huge_town status and only if you already have a normal tier 3 temple. Of course you can't build for example a normal temple of battle and a minor of battle in the same city.
    As an incentive to build those new temples and as a little candy for factions that can't go beyond tier 3 in certain temple building lines I rearranged the boni in a way that the unique benefits start kicking in at tier 3 already. I also scaled down the happiness advantages to hopefully prevent a power creep in this area. Therefore you can't have Temples/Minor temples of Fun and Governors in the same settlement.
    The new arrangement looks like this:

    Temple of battle: 5% > 10% > 10%, +1 morale > 15%, +2 morale > 15%, +2 morale, +1 experience cav
    Temple of farming: 5% > 10% > 10%, +1 farming > 15%, +1 farming > 15%, +2 farming
    Temple of fertility: 5% > 10% > 10%, +0.5 pop_growth > 15%, +0.5 pop_growth > 15%, +1 pop_growth
    Temple of fun: 5% > 10% > 15% > 20% > 25%
    Temple of forge: 5% > 10% > 10%, -20% retrain > 15%, -20% retrain > 15%, -40% retrain
    Temple of law: 5% > 10% > 15% > 20% > 25% (law bonus of course)

    All new temples should also have pictures and descriptions according to culture and faction, the necessary files were edited. Testing this actually out would be much appreciated.

    That's it for the time being, although I have some plans to further differentiate the different temple lines.

    Hope you guys enjoy.

    Edit: New version with bugfixes.
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