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    Hey all, just got this working again on steam with the latest patch and despite playing the game since it's release, I have nooby question:

    I'm playing Turks late, and have owned Rum, capital province, through the entire game. Egypt attacked and I retreated so they technically captured the province. I took it back next turn. Then, they launched three jihads against me. I had no idea you could jihad against another Muslim faction, in fact I'm 90% confident that a human player cannot. Can anyone confirm this??

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    A Muslim faction could use Jihad against another Muslim faction if" other muslim facion captured her province". They capture your province so they could use jihad.
    I use this tactically to use my jihads and get more soldiers, especially against eggy when playing Turks.

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    Thanks, I really had thought that Jihad could only be launched against non-Muslim factions. That makes it pretty overpowered! I'll have to send some back at Egypt. I was so sure I remember not being able to before but I must be mistaken!


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