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Thread: Battle crashes when loading

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    Default Battle crashes when loading

    Good day to everyone, I have recently loaded the Redux version 1005e on my Windows7 system running in compatibility WindowsXP sp2 mode.
    The game seems to function fine except when try to load a battle in campaign mode. The normal request come up asking how to proceed, I select the battle option.
    The screen goes to the task bar showing the battle loading, then it crashes the game.
    Has anyone seen this or have a suggestion?
    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Hi Steve,

    Unless you have actively changed or altered the files somehow yourself, its a corrupt save. It is rather common with the VI/v.2.01 of MTW, it can also happen with the V.1.1 but it is less frequent there (typically). Its not a Redux-thing, its a MTW-engine thing - it happens in the raw game as well. Battles failing to load is one of the more common/typical symptoms of corrupt saves. The only known way to handle/bypass it is to roll back to a healthy/uncorrupted previous save.

    - A
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    Default Re: Battle crashes when loading

    Thank you, I will give it a try.

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    Ok after further review I was able to get the game working properly. I think my problem was one of two issue, one I was running Redux in XP SP2 compatibility mode and I had the game loaded on a external hard drive.
    I deleted the game and installed it on the main Harddrive and everything fell into place.
    Thank you again for the help.


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