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Thread: Old EB 1 player, what to start with?

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    Default Old EB 1 player, what to start with?


    Long time EB 1 player here, finally getting around to trying EB2.

    I'd like some advice regarding what to start with as my first campaign.

    From a history and EB1 standpoint my favorite factions are Arche Seleukeia and Quart-hadast,but I'd rather not do any of them at start.

    Seleukeia have a huge territory, so I felt they were a bit overwhelming at first in EB1
    Quart-Hadast is getting reforms in 2.2, so I'd rather wait until then with playing them.

    I generally like Hellenistic factions,so I'm currently torn between Macedonia and Epeiros.

    Which of these two (other Hellenistic faction suggestions also welcome) did you find more fun and/or would recommend for a first campaign?

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    Default Re: Old EB 1 player, what to start with?

    I only played Macedon so far, and it was great fun. The starting position for Epirus is imho easier, as there is only one direct AI opponent. The armyrooster of both are similar and as far as I can tell already very complete, though Epirus does have ealier access to tribal units and they have Elephants.


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