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    Check out these 13 AI Aragonese stacks in Provence!
    Mainly of poor quality soldiers, but you have to admire the sheer quantity, it seems to have served Aragon well so far.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That game was crazy, so much war, so few empires still standing.

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    Hi Jingo7,

    I have also seen similar things in Redux, this with several different factions (including Aragon), and that in several campaigns. I think it basically happens when a faction is left alone (or in peace) for longer periods, and at the same time is sufficiently rich (but not too rich! Or they will just bribe left and right, and gain little actual power long term), and control enough provinces. Also, I think a steady and serious threat from neighbouring factions and armies usually helps to encourage this kind of AI-behavior. At some point the balance is lost and "faction X" has become stronger then the rest because it was left out of various wars - or that is how I would explain it. Anyhow, such strength in troops usually do serve most factions very well. Agreed.

    BTW, your screen seem to be taken from the previous 1003-version, if so, I totally recommend that you switch to RX1005e ASAP. Its better then 1003 in several ways, and it looks better too, or so I think anyways...

    - A
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    Hi Axalon,

    I do believe I am running RX1005e, at least that's what my menu screen says. Is there anything particular to RX1005e, by which I can check? I had to run the thingy to make the campaign map low-res otherwise the game was too unstable, which is why it looks a bit ugly.

    I am having such a great challenge with the Germans, I intend to start my 3rd attempt at world domination with them today (failed twice now). I love the unit roster, which makes up for certain strategic difficulties such as poor generals, awkward in-land provinces hampering troop movement, and difficult choices regarding expansion. My last game was just mad, the 2 muslim factions basically wiped out everyone else, and battled each other for the world (I turned on cheats just to watch).


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