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Thread: EB1/2 OT 2016 Interest?

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    Default EB1/2 OT 2016 Interest?

    Does anyone on the Org have any interest in a EB1 or EB2 online tourney this year? It seems like there's a fairly active steam community. However I'm completely out of the loop as to the old Org Hamachi group. Seems like most everoyne is offline these days.
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    Default Re: EB1/2 OT 2016 Interest?

    The EBII Multiplayer group doesn't seem active to me maybe I'm missing. But I would like to wait for 2.2 only can play on early units ATM.
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    Default Re: EB1/2 OT 2016 Interest?

    I know two guys who play. I was part of the Hamachi group and I have some contacts on Steam. I would love to see EBMP working again.
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    Default Re: EB1/2 OT 2016 Interest?

    I'm up for the multiplayer :D

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    Default Re: EB1/2 OT 2016 Interest?

    If it's EB1 on hamachi I'm available for the sake of playing some EB battles. The RTW unit behaviormay be more arcadey but it is much more pleasing to actually play with.
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    I'd actually love to play in a tourney this summer, it's only that I'm just about to start playing this game online.
    And yes I've tried EB2 but the units all just seem really weird to me, I dunno. Might be that I never played MTW before...

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    Default Re: EB1/2 OT 2016 Interest?

    Im game


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