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Thread: Hellenika mod for WoS released!

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    Default Hellenika mod for WoS released!

    Hellenika is a great, in my humble opinion mod, which aims to make Warrior of Sparta, a controversial DLC of disputable quality and historical accuracy, as enjoyable and accurate as possible.
    That mod, more than a year after it had started to be created, was released today.

    As it has been said, this mod aspires not only to enhance the gaming experience, by dramatically improving the historical accuracy (take, for example, the immensely interesting preview of the Achaemenid Empire of Persia), but it also completely changes the game mechanics. However, actions are better than words, aren't they?

    Some general information about the mod:

    Information about how you should download the mod.

    However, some last instructions that ought to be read beforehand, so that the inexperienced player is not stunned by that vastly different to the vanilla mod.

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    Default Re: Hellenika mod for WoS released!

    I only started following this mod recently great surprise it was released today
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    Default Re: Hellenika mod for WoS released!

    Crandar, I cant seem to get my hoplites using their spears in combat how do you do this, also when is steady meem used?


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