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Thread: Age of Charlemagne: Kingdom of Mercia

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    Good evening everyone!

    So, I started up a Kingdom of Mercia campaign. I thought I would do fairly well, since my campaigns as the Lombards and the Avars went extremely well. Technically, this is my second attempt at this faction (as the first attempt failed miserably), so any advice you guys could give would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, let me know if my audio or video quality could be better. I don't really have a clue as to what I'm doing in regards to being on Youtube, so suggestions and criticisms are highly encouraged! Thanks again, everyone, for watching!
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    Default Re: Age of Charlemagne: Kingdom of Mercia

    Step 1 kill all the Welsh
    Step 2 Kill the Kentish

    Steps one and two may happen concurrently.
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    I thought that was how it was going to play out! Busy, busy, busy!

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    Here's the second part. Following the advice, I'll be concentrating on the Welsh first, then the Kingdom of Kent. I was able to momentarily neutralize Kent (probably) so I'll follow up on eliminating them after my business in the west is over! Thanks again, lars573 for the advice!

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    Things are starting to look really good! One more Welsh faction before I can turn my attention elsewhere. My only concern is after I deal with the Kingdom of Kent, which direction should I expand next? Going north to take on the Northumbrians is my most probable course, but I also have/can deal with the Duchy of Frisia in the mainland. Or should I look to Ireland? Or strengthen myself for the inevitable (?) arrival of the Danes? What do you guys think?

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    Everything was looking fine! I had destroyed the Welsh, started to eliminate any Welsh remnants, and began fortifying my provinces for my South Eastern campaign. But what you know, the AI hates me, and now pretty much all of Ireland is at war with me. I love Ireland! Why would you betray me like that?!

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