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Thread: EBII: Any way to get AI Reforms quickly?

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    Default EBII: Any way to get AI Reforms quickly?

    Re-posting this from the EB1 Forum, as a question regarding Medieval 2 variant of this mod.

    I wanted to try this mod again before EBII's 2.2 comes out, and how much I miss this game alongside Roma Surrection and Stainless Steel.

    My favorite factions are Kart Hadastim and Makedon, yet I would love to face off the Thureophoroi of the Diadochi states, and the reformation armies of Rome and whatnot even in the beginning to make it interesting. Since I feel the AI doesn't really proceed to them, or by time they do, you're making great progress in one large part of the world. I would love to play as Kart Hadastim and not be facing Camillian-era Roman forces in the 260's.

    Does anyone have a mod, or can inform me in the direction of manipulating the mod files so I can change EVERY factions reforms to roll out within the first 2-3 decades of the game? Probably the only thing that EB1 & 2 is missing for more challenge.

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    Default Re: EBII: Any way to get AI Reforms quickly?

    The Hellenistic reforms are simple date triggers, they can't be accelerated or otherwise influence, they just happen in 257BC and 222BC.

    There's no fallback or automatic AI triggers for most factions' reforms in 2.1b; some simply won't occur if the AI doesn't do the right things; we've added them for virtually everyone in upcoming 2.2.
    It began on seven hills - an EB 1.1 Romani AAR with historical house-rules (now ceased)
    Heirs to Lysimachos - an EB 1.1 Epeiros-as-Pergamon AAR with semi-historical houserules (now ceased)
    Philetairos' Gift - a second EB 1.1 Epeiros-as-Pergamon AAR

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