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    Hi people. Got a question. I play EBII on a Macbook Air (hurray for freedom!). I've got it, finally, working well -- but the screen is tiny. I like playing EB very slowly, more reading descriptions than action. (Maybe somebody knows where I'm going already with this.) Ergo, it's kind of a pain in the arse to read long descriptions on the tiny screen, grasping that super sensitive little scrolling scrolling bullet, seeing only two sentences of text at a time.

    Now, it is, to be sure, one of those lovable little foibles of the M2TW (and also RTW) engine, that makes me feel at home playing this ten year old game. But it does get a little annoying.

    So, does anyone know a way to map some keys to the Air for scrolling up and down the descriptions? It would be much easier. (Or maybe there's already a command on Mac that I don't know about?)

    Just now getting around to trying 2.2a patch. What a lovely piece of work. Thanks to the fine people who make this...can't even call it a game, it's singularly larger than that title. Will be playing it for years and years more to come.

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