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    Default Ancient TW2: MACEDONIAN FACTION (RoP)

    In 560BC, the Macedonians are not the great military powerhouse they were to become in the 3rd century BC following the reforms of Philip II. In this scenario they start off as a poorly-developed, semi-barbarian faction with pretensions towards Greekness, relying primarily on tribal levies from their vassals to fill the ranks of their armies. As time passes they can build towards a more Hellenic-style army, but it will take time, and they have to survive in the meantime.

    The Macedonians begin with the single province of Macedonia, allowing them access to various tribal units and also the Greek roster once developed enough. There are five bordering provinces: Agriana to the north, Epirus and Thessaly to the south all being in rebellion, whilst also to the north lie the provinces (and factions) of Illyria and Thrace.

    UNIT ROSTER (start province only)


    • Polemiste (Royal)
    • Akondiste
    • Archaic archers
    • Cretan archers
    • Rhodean slingers
    • Hippeis
    • Enomotia hopliton
    • Thracian peltasts
    • Illyrian tribesmen
    • Illyrian warband
    • Slingers

    High (changes):

    • Enomotia hopliton (Royal)
    • Hippeis akontistes
    • Toxotes
    • Enomotia ekdromon
    • Gastraphetes

    Late (changes):

    • Hetairoi - Companion cavalry (Royal)
    • Pezhetairoi - Macedonian phalanx
    • Xistophoroi hippeis
    • Hypaspists
    • Euthitonon
    • Oxivolos

    There are some more units yet to be created, but these will include Paeonian cavalry and Argyraspides.

    EDIT: Paeonian Cavalry now implemented, recruitable by Macedonians only, in Illyria and Agriana
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    Default Re: Ancient TW2: MACEDONIAN FACTION (RoP)

    Awesome !!
    A small spiel on the new Cavalry ....

    Paeonian Cavalry

    These light cavalry were recruited from Paeonia, a tribal region to the north of Macedonia. The Paeones had been conquered and reduced to tributary status by Philip II. Led by their own chieftains, the Paeonian cavalry was usually brigaded with the Prodromoi and often operated alongside them in battle. They appear to have been armed with javelins and swords. Initially, only one squadron strong, they received 500 reinforcements in Egypt and a further 600 at Susa.

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