In western Anatolia, the leading power is Lydia, and in 560BC it was ruled by King Croesus who has passed into history and legend as the by-word for fabulous wealth, largely thanks to the gold mines of Lydia. It was Croesus who minted the first gold coins (though not the first coins - silver coinage was already circulating). After a run-in with the Medes, the subsequent peace treaty established the Halys River as the border between the Median and Lydian Empires. Of course, this was to disputed once more as the Persians displaced the Medes!

In the RoP scenario, Lydia starts with an empire of 5 provinces: Lydia, Mysia, Paphlagonia, Phrygia and Bithynia. To the south are the Ionian Greeks and the rebel-held province of Cilicia, whilst the eastern border of course meets the Medes and the rebel-held Iberia. To thye west, the Hellespont separates Lydia from the European factions, though this stretch of water can prove surprisingly easy to cross...

As with all large empires of the day, the Lydian Empire is multi-ethnic, and the faction has a troop roster which reflects this. Phrygian and Greek troops can be levied in Phrygia, Bithynia and Paphlagonia, as well as Lydian troops. With Croesus' deep pockets and easily accessible rebel provinces, the Lydians will find expansion fairly simple, without needing to provoke a major war. However, overstretch is a real danger when other powers begin to flex their muscles.

Troop Roster: (start provinces only)


Lydian Royal Guard (Royal)
Lydian Heavy Cavalry
Lydian Infantry
Lydian Archers

Phrygian Warband
Phrygian Spearmen
Phrygian Archers
Phrygian Cavalry

High (changes):

Mercenary Hoplites

More troop types will become available as the empire expands, including the Cimmerian roster, Cascan Warband, and the generic Middle Eastern troops all within fairly easy reach.