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Thread: Ancient TW2: ARGIVE FACTION (RoP)

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    Default Ancient TW2: ARGIVE FACTION (RoP)

    The Argives see themselves as the heirs of Agamemnon and the Golden Age of Mycenae - despite the fact that in 560BC they had the current polis of Mycenae under very harsh subjugation. The city of Argos is one of the oldest in Greece, and surely deserves the leadership of the whole Peloponnese. Their great rivals in Sparta might hold a different view, claiming as they do to have sprung from the loins of Herakles himself!

    In RoP, the Argives occupy the province of Achaea, and rule it from Argos. To the north - across the Corinthian Isthmus - lie the Athenians, and to the south lie the Spartans. Argos is caught between a rock and a hard place, and if the demands of its growing population are to be met, an aggressive policy of expansion is the only option. The Argive ruler has few choices - attack, or be attacked. The big question is which war to take on first? Turn either north or south, and his back is exposed. Either option is risky - but less risky than waiting for others to act first.


    - early

    Enomotia hopliton (Royal)
    Archaic archers
    Rhodean slingers
    Cretan archers
    Heavy slingers

    - high (changes)

    Argive Hoplites (royal)
    Classical Enomotia hopliton
    Peltasts (replace akondiste)
    Toxotes (replace Archaic archers)
    Hippeis akontistes (replace Hippeis)
    Enomotia ekdromon

    - late (changes)

    Yficratian hoplites (royal)
    Xistophoroi hippeis

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