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Thread: delete units

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    Angry delete units

    hi EB people.

    few days ago i posted a thread for help titled 'import units'., in which i asked help for "
    import new units from the other games/mods.".

    The friend Ludens highlighted me to the proper link in the Scriptorium.
    but he also gave me a warning:

    keep in mind that R:TW has limit to the number of units and models it allows, and EB1 is already very close to those limits.

    well, he was right

    i followed all the given instructions and added Roman wardogs (plus roman_handler)

    but at the moment to play. it crashed and told me that there were too many units

    so i tried to delete 2 units (belgae taramonnos and celtic cavalry myrcharn); and i went on and on deleting ALL the connected files i could find (while i passed through crash after crash).

    but in the end, i got:
    DATABASE_TABLE error found: unrecognized record id belgae cavalry taramonnos requested.

    then, i surrended.

    SO, now i ask exactly the opposite:

    how can i delete/uninstall some units to give space to the new ones? is there any tutorial about it?

    thx again

    Nec sine Marsis nec contra Marsos triumphari posse

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    Default Re: delete units

    I hate to say this, but given the lack of activity here and at the .Org's modding fora, you are more likely to get an answer over at the TWC.
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