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Thread: Successors campaign is underway!

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    Default The Lesser Spotted Dalmatian Turtle....

    ... ok, so I mean the Illyrians, of course

    And, yep, this is a turtle faction. The early battle(s) against the Gauls are quite brutal, but it is possible to hold them off at the bridge, so long as you use the terrain and every tactical trick you can think of. It would be easy to get it wrong (like the AI does when you attack as the Gauls...)

    Illyria is fairly secure by land, as all land routes involve river maps. There are three neighbouring provinces and factions when the game begins: Gauls in Dacia (quite a LOT of Gauls...), Lysimachus in Thrace, and Kassandros in Macedonia.

    Once the Gauls are beaten back it may be tempting to take Dacia (for its iron, if nothing else....) but it is a VERY difficult province to subdue. The Illyrian strategy is to defend the homeland at all costs, whilst building up economy and tech. If either of the Hellenistic neighbours turn on you it will be painful.... even teched-up Illyrian spearmen are pretty much spear-fodder for pezhetairoi, so you have to be sure of your footing before trying to expand. I've managed to get as far as Ionia now, but it has taken 100+ turns, and the Antigonid naval supremacy is a huge problem, though I can now beat them back on land. They've done the usual and picked too many wars and are slowly imploding under the pressure.

    In the end, my first expansion was to take out the Gallic re-emergence in Dacia (I'm afraid their first king had bit of an accident on one of my bridges ), but I could only do that after a long period of teching-up and raising the biggest army I could afford, and keep retraining units for the latest tech upgrades. The the next opportunity was to hit the Spartans by sea. Let's say the deadpage_coords.txt file was accessed many times in that battle.... After that I could raise a few mercenary hoplites from my subjugated Greek poleis, beef up the economy, and get the long, slow meat-grinder of a campaign on a firmer footing.

    All in all, a difficult faction, but not impossible so long as you cover your ass every step of the way. No need to change anything, either. Factional and regional troop availability seems about right. Now making steady progress into Asia Minor, and I hope to be able to replace my fleet once the Antigonids are wiped out. I just hope they don't get holed up on an island beyond my reach, or it will be an expensive naval campaign trying to whittle down their ships first.

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