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Thread: Shogun 2 Tips for a Rome player ?

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    Question Shogun 2 Tips for a Rome player ?

    Hey phalanx spammers !

    I was playing the Shogun 2 but everytime I lost because I didn't have enaugh time to capture Kyoto, because I play very slowly, and usually prepare everything just right before attacking someone... I don't know why, in Rome I imiedatly spammed some gud mercenary hoplites and destroyed entire Greek and Macedon, but in Shogun 2, I needed entire campaign time limit to capture Shimazu island... (playing as Shimazu btw)

    Any tips for that ?

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    Default Re: Shogun 2 Tips for a Rome player ?

    Hello PikeSpam and welcome to the Org!

    I gather you are talking about the original Rome Total War - that is quite a jump to Shogun 2. With TWS2, CA really stepped up the campaign difficulty. Even experienced TW players were getting their heads handed to them until they gradually started figuring out the campaign mechanics. It was a rough but amazing first month or two when the game was released. For tips, I'm going to refer you to our Single Player Guides forum as the best place to go. In particular, I'd start with the outstanding and comprehensive Frogbeastegg's guide. Note that these guides may not be 100% accurate due to subsequent patches and game balancing CA may have done since they were written, but they still should give you a good insight into how to play the game.

    I can't really give you any tips as I never mastered the game, so barring any words of wisdom other patrons may give, the guides are the way to go. Good luck on your quest to become Shogun!
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    Default Re: Shogun 2 Tips for a Rome player ?

    Archers and cav are the way to go - Shogun 2 works on the rock, paper, scissors model as far as I know, and countering the swordsmen and pikes/ashigaru of the enemy with archers protected by your own men is the best way to go.

    Add some fast yari cavalry or even light cavalry to destroy enemy archers, and you're set to go for a considerable number of battles.

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