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Thread: The exciting science of patience

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    Default The exciting science of patience

    There is a very exciting experiement going on right now, that requires a lot of patience and you can watch it live for free:

    And get some more info either on that website or here:

    What is exciting about it is that it seems to have proven all previous models about the viscosity of tar pitch wrong and that we may need a few more drops to find out how the viscosity of it actually is. The relevance is that under/in the earth's crust, there are apparently similar fluids/plates, which also influence tectonic movements and so on. So by learning about the viscosity of tar pitch, we can learn more about how our planet works as well.

    It is also a reminder that some things in life need time.

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    Default Re: The exciting science of patience

    Even watching paint dry is more interesting.

    Kidding aside, this is actually pretty cool. Maybe Ill bookmark it so in 14 years I can watch it drop.
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    Default Re: The exciting science of patience

    Aw, Hooah, nobody was supposed to reply to this until the next drop falls. I guess you didn't get the memo.
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    Default Re: The exciting science of patience

    I've been at it a while actually.

    Haven't seen a thing.
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