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Thread: Fighting in the Sahara

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    Default Fighting in the Sahara

    Out of sheer curiosity here - did anyone fight in the Sahara desert in M2TW?

    If you have knights for example (you can select to Crusade against Marrakech for example), do they get penalties like movements penalties and energy penalties because of heat?
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    Default Re: Fighting in the Sahara

    I'm more of a rtw 1 sucker myself, but since ME2 is is built on the same engine I'd assume they kept the penalty system in. Note that not all terrain/weather bonuses/penalties are listed in the unit info cards, some of them can only be found by nosing around in the game files. You did have heat penalties in deserts for non-native troops in rtw 1. If I recall, they acted like a slight debuff to attack/defense and faster accumulation of fatigue.


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