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Thread: Steam Winter sale 2016

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    Lightbulb Steam Winter sale 2016

    Well the Steam Winter sale is on, and yours truly is looking for inspiration.

    Please post your recomendations!

    Also I never actually purchased Attila or Warhammer total war and I'd like to hear people's opinions on where they rank in the series and if they are worth buying, yes I know I've been total slacking!
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    Default Re: Steam Winter sale 2016

    So far I've gotten Planet Coaster (seems to have picked up Rollercoaster Tycoon's slack), Cities: Skylines, and Ultimate General: Civil War which is DarthMod's second effort after he made the similar Ultimate General: Gettysburg a couple years back. I also might pick up Tyranny, which is an RPG I've heard good things about.

    So naturally, I've immediately gone back to playing Football Manager.
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    Default Re: Steam Winter sale 2016

    I do consider the new Hitman, but I could also put the money to better use.
    Didn't buy anything so far. A lot of games merely don't interest me, others (ArmA 3, Project CARS) seem to HEAVILY prefer NVidia customers, so I can feel free to ignore them and the very few remaining games, well, I do have plenty of other games I'm not done with, so why spend 25€ on Hitman? By the time I'm tired of the other games, it may be even cheaper in the Spring Sale or so...

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    Default Re: Steam Winter sale 2016

    Emperor, go buy Attila! No really, it's a wonderful game, I really enjoyed it.
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    Default Re: Steam Winter sale 2016

    What's the consensus on Pillars of Eternity? I've been back and forth on buying it. Is it worth it? How necessary are the expansion improvements to enjoyment?
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    Default Re: Steam Winter sale 2016

    Cannot comment on expansions, but I enjoyed the original. Played 40~ hours, but other priorities took over once I completed it.
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