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Thread: Total War: Rome II Text Bug

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    Question [Solved]Total War: Rome II Text Bug


    I'm playing Total War: Rome 2 since its release but I have not saw this kind of problem until this time. I don't know what to do, even I tried verify integrity of game cache in Steam. I was using some modes that I don't remember name but I can say the name of a mod; Radious. I was deleted these modes a while ago, and then this happened.

    I guess this is a language problem because some mods but I can't even change the name in the Total War: Rome II language.

    I hope you can help me about this issue:

    Solved: I was using Turkish language, so there is only local_tr.pack. I deleted it and checked Steam Properties/Language and now I can choose other languages. I selected English. It's downloading the language pack now.

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