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Thread: Good work on the project!

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    Default Good work on the project!

    Well done to the EB team on the great work over the past few years, iv finally managed to download and patch the game correctly using all instructed methods, i must say its a bit of a fiasco ... when EB 2 is finally finished cant all these small side downloads be included into one download? its hard work for computer noobs like me lol! I have just started a campaign with rome and so far the game runs well. Although sometimes i start the game and its buggy as hell crashing ect, other times it will start fine. I took on 2 rebel armys at the very start i had 850 men vs 2000 rebels and just lost the battle, gutted :P. Anyway ill try to read and get involved more on the forums, although time is not as kind to me these days with work and life. I guess this is the case for most people. Can someone throw me the donation link also so i can donate, to say thank you to you guys for the hard work. Thanks.
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