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    Default Mod - Attila Realism

    Pre-note: I was invited by the Org administration to post again on Org, here we go:

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    Attila Realism (AR)

    A mod for Total War Attila brought to the TW community by DaVinci.

    Plus in courtesy of JaM's former modding work, which was focused on the Battle Mode of the game aka combat modding.
    On his base realism mod, which i saw as requirement to play the game overall, i started to play and balance the Attila Grand Campaign, because the old TW modding bug came back.
    First planned as personal mod only, i thought i could share it (as in the past, with most of my TW modding), as little x-mas gift 2016 for the ones who look to play Attila with a kind of an alternative gameplay that strives for a tad realism.

    What is this mod?

    - A mod which increases realism, for the Grand Campaign (Charlemagne and Last Roman might come later).
    Subnote: I have installed all DLCs for TW Attila, so that might be the requirement for the mod to work.

    - Increasing realism means here basicly, for the combat (battle mode) and the strategical gameplay (campaign mode).

    - Balanced and meant to play on Hard difficulty (changed settings in the according file).
    Subnote: Main faction which was played out in the development are the Saxons, aiming to play them on a historical path as invader of southern and middle Britain to the according time. Increasing might and influence etc., but not conquering the world.

    - The focus on changes is as following (from much touches to less):
    Barbarians (Germanics, Celts, Slavs); Romans (West, East) ... Nomads, Persians and Africans got lesser changes.

    - AI got a little support to make some better fitting steps, but no artificial tweaks via difficulty settings whatsoever.

    - Migration is an option aka according factions got tons of tweaks, so they might not vanish quickly as AI faction (as it is in vanilla, in my experience at least).

    - All aspects of the gameplay have been touched. More closer changelog info might be added later if i have the time (for now... just try the game with this mod, if it is not yours, simply remove it).

    Some specifics post v1.0:

    - More changes for: Battle entities (unit movement); unit stats, recruitment time, costs and upkeep; building properties/costs/time; starting technology military properties added for roman and barbarian factions, and much more.

    - Removed the campaigns missions file (from v1.0, 1.5), as possibly its modding caused game instability.

    - Further removal of unrealistic/ahistorical units, or reduction in campaign availability.

    - More files added and modified for balancing purposes.

    - Balancing, balancing ... now the modded game is almost perfect for the mentioned purposes (kind of a golden middleway between challenge, feasibility, AI consideration and increased realism).

    Since v3.0:

    - Further balancing tweaks.

    - Startpos.esf added (Grand Campaign start situation), changes such as: For certain factions the start money increased, faction stances, start units.

    Hint: New campaign start required, just in case a former version is used.


    - Changed UI and sound, whatever of that sort (graphics and sound files) go without any fuzz, when it works for vanilla.

    - New units would need according balancing, but technically no issue, if those files don't change vanilla table files (separate table files).

    - A list of the changed files, so others get an idea, which other mods work optionally without issues (if they come with a list of changed files).

    [file list online / TWC thread]


    There are two mod pack files and one txt file (this one here), zipped.
    The pack files are calling: AttilaR (db tables) and AttilaR_GrandCampaign (startpos.esf).

    To install the mod, unzip and put the two mod files into the data folder of Attila and enable them in the Attila launcher application (incl. the so-called "out-of date").
    That's all. Just start the game as usual and make sure the mod files are enabled.

    Example installation path
    C:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\Total War Attila\data

    Update: Overwrite (or replace).

    Uninstall with disabling the mod files and/or removal of the mod files.


    CA for their imo. best TW game compared to all former titles.

    JaM, yearslong modding friend, courtesy of many basic modified files of this mod.

    Me and my old TW modding bug and history knowledge.

    All people who worked on the PFM tool and created tutorials for the AK tool.

    End notes:

    The mod might be put to the Steam workshop later.

    It was originally released via this thread on TWC:

    Usage is as the mod comes, i keep no obligations for anything to the user.

    End readme, Greetings /DaVinci

    ... modfile is attached, download with left-click and save file (i guess, you must be logged in on Org to download the file).
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