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    ...finally get to play more. Really enjoyed the tabletop back in the day and the MMO as well. Sadly in my move two years back some boxes were lost including books. Anyone have some good sites or books for learning the warhammer world again?
    Thx, I know and yes i'm googling :)

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    I think this would help me a bit too. In my first attempt at TW Warhammer, I felt a bit like fish out of water with regards to the setting, factions and units.
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    theres some good resources from google search, i know theres got to be some awesomeness am missing

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    This may help:

    There's also 1d4chan - which is based on the /tg boards at 4Chan but may have some useful, and colourful, insights.

    Very NSFW, of course.
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