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    Years ago I used the Gnome editor quite a bit. I have just started using it again. I could have sworn that one of the columns in either the Unit or Building file dealt with which buildings were needed to build what units. I have been scrolling back and forth like crazy on both and I am not finding it. Does such a column exist? Does anybody know its number or at least what it is next to? Thanks for your time!

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    Hi Lance,

    It's column 17 in the UNIT_PROD file ("Buildings needed to produce this unit")

    Useful tip: When you have two required buildings, any valour bonus comes from the first one declared, eg:

    Pictish Mounted Crossbows: "{HORSE_BREEDER2, BOWYER2}" will get its valour upgrade from the horsebreeder line, but if you change it to "{BOWYER2, HORSE_BREEDER2}" it would get its valour bonus from the bowyer line.

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