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Thread: Error dialog and exit after title screen

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    Default Error dialog and exit after title screen

    When running the shortcut for launch.bat the red title screen appears for a minute, then the cursor animates briefly before an error dialog appears advising sending a compressed log (attached below), and closing the game when the button is pressed. My impression is that this happens as the screen would be switching to the ruins scene intro with sound.

    This is with my existing non-steam M2TW/Kingdoms folder installed at D:\SEGA\Medieval II Total War. An older version EBII 2.08e install in the mods folder ran fine yesterday when I tested it. I removed that old EBII mod before installing a fresh EBII 2.2b, the 2.2f patch and the animations updates. All appear to be in the correct locations and I was prompted to overwrite for the patch and update.

    Per the instructions I set windows and borderless modes and added the autosave line to turn that off.

    BTW, I saw the preceding question with the comments about a corrupted torrent, but this is a fresh download to 2.2b from the ftp site yesterday.


    UPDATE: On a hunch, I ran the windowed mode switcher and selected fullscreen and was able to get past that error. I started a new campaign and saved the starting position, but will try switching back to windowed and see if I can get it working that way for the long run, but for now this workaround will let me take a look at all of the changes since 2.08e. Thanks all for a wonderful mod.
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