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Thread: Faction buildings intertwined

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    Default Faction buildings intertwined

    This is more of a package rather than one question.

    The list:

    • Barbaric Factions: Germania, Britannia, Dacia, Gaul, Spain, Scythia
    • Roman Factions: The House of Julii, The House of Brutii, The House of Scipii, The Roman Senate
    • Egyptian Factions: Egypt
    • Eastern Factions: Parthia, Armenia, Pontus
    • Carthaginian Factions: Carthage, Numidia
    • Greek Factions: The Greek Cities, Macedon, Seleucid Empire, Thrace

    First question: How can you make any temple/sacred ground available, from each faction alone, to the bigger faction from which they belong to?

    For example(1), the Romans have 9 temples dedicated to 9 gods (without The Senate/SPQR). How can I make the Julii, for instance, build a temple -from shrine to pantheon- to Neptune? How about making The Senate able to build any type of temple from the Roman pool, in the 'Construction' queue? Not just the SPQR, but all of the Roman factions.

    For example (2), the Barbarians have 13 temples/sacred grounds dedicated to 13 deities. How can I make the Gauls, for instance, build sacred grounds to gods that belong to the rest of the Barbarian faction (besides their own)?

    Second question: While we're at it, how can you make any settlement of any faction build all the temples/sacred grounds of the faction they belong to?

    For example(1), the Seleucid Empire (part of the Greek faction) can build temples dedicated to Hephaestus, Dionysis, and Asklepios.
    Besides the issue of making the Seleucids build all their temples in one 'n all their settlements (3-in-1), how can I make all the temples (from the Greek faction) availabble for construction for the Seleucid? In total, the Greek faction (do not confuse it with The Greek Cities) have 12 temples. *Temples of Ares repeats itself for Macedon and Thrace but there's a difference: Macedon's Temple for Ares gives them happiness & experience, whereas Thrace's Temples for Ares gives them happiness and morale; therefore, I don't count them the same.

    For example(2), the SPQR has no temples available, though, how can I make them to build all the temples (from shrines to pantheons) dedicated to just Roman gods?

    And so on for the Barbaric, Eastern, and Carthaginian factions & their respective temples/sacred grounds of the "mother factions" from where they each belong to.

    I hope it's not confusing.

    Third question: How can I make Thrace build theaters? They can't, and despite being in the Greek faction, they're the only ones that they can't do it.

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    Lightbulb Re: Faction buildings intertwined

    Hello Trexmaster,

    It's been a while since I modded R:TW, but I think that the below two general guides contain the information you need:

    Tutorial - Adding new buildings

    The Complete EDB Guide

    However, I am pretty sure it's not possible to give the Barbarians access to 13 temple lines, because there are only 9 or so actual temple lines in the game. Temples (like other buildings) get a faction-specific name (for example: Temple of Zeus vs. Temple of Jupiter) and description, determined by whichever faction built it, but in reality it's the same building underneath (in the example: Temple of Law). Should you conquer a town with a foreign Temple of Law, you will get the same bonuses from it as from your own Temple-of-Law buildings. If you upgrade it, it will convert into your own Temple of Law.

    You could get round this by making an unique building line for every temple in the game, but that will be a lot of work and IIRC there is a limit as to how many building lines the game can handle.
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