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Thread: Crash every time after faction selection in campaign

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    Default Crash every time after faction selection in campaign

    Hello !
    I am trying to make EB II work. The game opens but whenever I try to start a campaign it crashes.

    I had to install M2TW into programfiles but then I copied pasted the M2TW file into :C and deleted the one in program files.
    Nomal M2TW works but EB II will crash every time after faction selection.

    I have put the error file on google drive because I don't know how else to share.

    Thanks for help !

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    Default Re: Crash every time after faction selection in campaign

    You've got caching enabled, which does nothing good. In your EBII.cfg make sure under [io] it says:

    disable_file_cache = 1
    Apart from that, I can't see anything that would explain what's going on; I'd suggest re-installing properly, the move may have done something to the files.
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