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Thread: Former Greek PM dies at the age of 99

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    Default Former Greek PM dies at the age of 99

    No link to the other former PM who survived from a mail-bomb attack.

    Metsotaces was a controversial figure, like every other PM in Greece.
    He was first elected in the Parliament in 1946, the first Parliament after the dictatorship of Metaxas in 1936 and remained there (apart from 1967-1974, when there was the Colonels' dictatorship) until 2004, when he decided not to become a candidate for the elections again.

    He's known for the "Mutiny", when he sided with the King against the first centrist government since the 30's, which caused the collapse of the government and general political instability, which may have led to the military coup.

    Then he joined the conservatives, managed to win their leadership, defeated the social-democrats, troubled by many scandals, in the elections of 1989, and formed a short-living government between 1990-1993.

    His government fell, after another "Mutiny", when Anthony Samaras (also a future PM) betrayed the party for what he considered as unpatriotic stance in the name dispute. He's now mostly remembered for his supposed "bad luck" and ability to survive his political opponents, like George Papandreou and his son, Andrew Papandreou (both PMs).

    IMO, the only Greek prime-minister close to European standards.

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    Default Re: Former Greek PM dies at the age of 99

    Isn't everything always confusing in Greece, that's why I like you. Nice age rip


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