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Thread: Trump v Kim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crandar View Post
    Umm, your own source says that the video is from last February and the diplomats used such an unconventional transportation vehicle, because flights were forbidden and the borders closed, due to the pandemic crisis.
    The pandemic is making things worse in North Korea. North Korea never faced a disaster on this level before. The pandemic is part of the worsening conditions that made those diplomats evacuate.
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    It'll be something interesting to watch. NK has weathered famine and isolation before so I don't imagine any sort of collapse, I'm sure the PRC would interfere if things came to a head stability wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spmetla View Post
    NK has weathered famine and isolation before...
    But NK was really not in total isolation at that time. China continued to supply NK with food and oil. And there was a black market with imports from China. NK received food aid from several countries later on also. It seems that the government used much of the food aid for itself and its military though.

    This time it's different. Kim closed the border with China completely. Supplies from China are facing delays because of this. NK isn't receiving food aid from the other countries either. Because of NK's missile tests, economic sanctions more stringent than ever before is being imposed. China doesn't want to get caught breaking this rule placed by Trump and the UN. Biden is continuing this policy. It has become more difficult to supply NK. I can't see how the regime can last long like this.

    I think another reason that Kim closed the border completely is because he's afraid of outside influence and ideas that would make the people want change. The people are already discontent, and so Kim is being desperate.
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