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Thread: Alii Colores Romae - including special edition for Hellenika etc

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    Default Alii Colores Romae - withl special editions for Hellenika and Legionaries Armies Mod

    This is my second major mod, the successor to ACC, but the largest in scope by far. If the first offered about two hundred new uniform themes, the second offers five times that number. I call it Different or Other Colours For Rome, which in Latin, according to my sources, comes out as...

    ACR has already been presented at length over at TWC. It will suffice to say here that in this mod, the army of many factions has been given not only more realistic colours, but also greater colour diversity, to better resemble the realities of the day. The diversity often manifests itself as the poorer the unit, the less colourful the soldiers are, representing the likelihood of them getting hold of garments dyed in expensive pigments in this period of history. The republican army of Rome is more diverse in colours than the later armies, and in Sparta, the strict division in social classes is somewhat apparent in the colours of the soldiers, too. Auxiliaries and mercenaries have also been given something colour-wise to distinguish them from the regulars. Current edition, the 276g or Africanum, covers all parts of the game to one extent or other.

    The following images are shown as some (not the best) examples of the result:

    Roman Plebs

    Roman Hastati (ACR in use with Sheridan's Enhanced Particle Mod)

    Auxiliary Syrian Archers

    Odrysian Slingers

    Odrysian Bowmen

    Odrysian Nobles

    Stater coin of the Parisi tribe, 100-50 BC

    Arverni Skirmishers

    Arverni Heavy Horse

    Arverni Oathsworn

    Gorgo's Skirmishers

    Macedonian Aspis Cavalry with, among others, Companion Cavalry in the background

    Seleucid Silver Shield Pikemen

    Mercenary Dacian Spears

    Mercenary Sarmatian Lancers

    All download options removed pending important TWC decision about mods and permissions that might have consequences here

    X Link for downloading ACR Africanum X

    Now, if you prefer the unit variety of Little Legionaire's great Legionaries Armies Mod (LAM), I've prepared a version of ACR that can be combined with it, called ACLA:

    X Link for downloading ACLA X

    Another great mod out there is Hellenika. Expanding on the Wrath of Sparta DLC idea, it uses the colours of ACR to a large extent, but I was so impressed with the mod team's work that I made a special add-on covering (almost) all of their factions and units. I call this add-on for Hellenika ACRAH. The Hellenika team was kind enough to give me a thread dedicated to ACRAH in their hosted forum here. ACRAH goes further with the poor unit, poor colours idea. Here's one example of that principle in operation:

    Argolid Archer Marines on route towards Melos

    X Link for downloading ACRAH X

    With that, I thank all people again who've helped me put together these mods of mine and ship them to the Org, which could be useful as a backup one day.


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